We teach those who wish to gain skills in various dance styles and Musical theatre from Nursery to Adult age ranges. We strive to develop the skills of all of our students however in situations where a student is gifted with natural talent for dancing or musical theatre we also guide and support them when pursuing their talent via scholarships and specialist schools. Our working relationships with students and parents is second to none.


Hunsdon – Hunsdon is easily accessible and being at street level it is perfect for wheelchair access. There is plenty of parking adjacent to our classes and free street parking. We also have a kitchen and changing facilities. For more information on our location please visit ourĀ Location page


Jaggers also holds Inclusive days where we encourage parents/carers to be part of their children’s Jaggers experience. This involves parents/carers taking part in the lessons/activities with their children for the lesson. Although this is not compulsory, we highly recommend it to all. At Jaggers we are always happy to talk to families and work with an open door policy.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jaggers Performing Arts.